Thanks, Stan

By this point, I would think, anyone with an affinity for comics and superheroes is aware that Stan Lee died recently at the age of ninety-five. Today, December 28, would have been his ninety-sixth birthday. Sounds like the perfect day to remember and give thanks as we look forward to a new year of challengesContinue reading “Thanks, Stan”

Don’t Say the “H-Word”

The Netflix series The Defenders opens with a brief exchange between a cynical and often petulant Jessica Jones and her much more upbeat and optimistic adoptive-sister Trish Walker (1). Trish: “You’re not comfortable with what you’ve become, Jessica. You are now a full-fledged su..” Jessica: “Don’t say the ‘H’ word.” Jessica was still adjusting toContinue reading “Don’t Say the “H-Word””